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Ayurvedic concept of beauty care is quiet different from the regular beauty care practiced in the world today. As a person walks into an Ayurvedic center we try and evaluate his/her constitution (Body Type or the Prakruti) and then customize the programs to suit his/her skin. If the person is Vata dominant their skin will be dry, cold, rough and will have a tendency of premature wrinkles. If the person is Pitta dominant their skin is very delicate, fair and red with a  tendency to have  moles,acne and sunburns easily. If the person is Kapha dominant their skin is thick,  moist and has large pores.

This is one area which makes Ayurveda Beauty Care unique while the  other area is that in Ayurveda Beauty is not considered as an external factor(looks) but Ayurveda considers Beauty Care as an Holistic approach (internal and external) which is achieved through detoxification as well as rejuvenation.

The Ayurvedic Beauty Care includes -

 Skincare, Hair care, Face care , Eye care, Relaxation and detoxification


No. Product name Price US$ Price
1 Herbal face pack (for All types of skin) 25.99

2 Tarunya (anti-wrinkle) face pack 25.99

3 Varnya (fairness) face pack 25.99

4 Acne face pack (for help in acne) 25.99

5 Melasma face pack 25.99

* FREE shipping on total order value US$ 95.00 and above.



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